WoW Monk Guide Review

There has always been something deeply, innately satisfying about World of Warcraft. Since I began to play the latest Mists of Pandaria expansion during the testing phase, I realized achieving victory at each and every stage of the game was not child’s play. My major problem was gaining the right abilities and skill rotations in order to defeat the more challenging PvP and PvE opponents. So I started looking for help. Boy, I was thrilled when I came across a 100 page Monk guidebook that claims to contain the secrets to succeed in Mists of Pandaria available days before the official release.

Upon going through the guide, the monk abilities section was my favorite. The abilities introduced in the manual are literally must-have combinations to attain power, status and reputation for my Monk. When it comes to Monk abilities, the hybrid class makes a vast array of differing skills available. For instance, you have the option of being able to roll 3 times on cooldown or do a sprint that clears snares and roots on your rolls stocking a speed gain.

Also mentioned here in the manual are in-depth details about glyphs which are created by scribes. Glyphs are spell and ability enhancements, which give various side-effects that are useful in combat. Needless to say, the tactics mentioned in the guide are useful and worked seamlessly. Trust me even I was shocked in the beginning. Their instructions/guidance were clear cut and to be honest, easy to grasp for WoW gamers of any experience. From my self-perception as a loser, I turned into a great gamer just like that.

The World of Warcraft Monk Strategy Booklet is available at the KillerGuides shop, priced at $29.99 and offered as a download-able e-book in PDF format. I am highly satisfied with the manual. The author has done a fantastic job by adding several custom strategies and gameplay tactics in the guide. With the help of this e-book every Monk can now easily hit the level cap fast with lots of gold and turn the tides of any battle.

World of Warcraft and Neverwinter…P2P >> F2P?

It has been known to the world for a long time that the World of Warcraft is the most successful MMORPGs with subscription system in game history. However, being on the top spot game cannot last forever.

As the new MMO system which player do not have to spend even a single cent has been introduced to the virtual world. The throne of the World of Warcraft have been shaking since then. A number of WoW players have been decreasing dramastically because people feel like they do not want to pay expensive subscription fee each month to play a single game while they have tons of good online game that doesn’t require their money even a coin.

Neverwinter is the outstanding of F2P game that tend to gain a lot of current wow players. With the gorgeos questing system and hundred choices of classes as seen in, it is said that Neverwinter Dungeon and Dragon is standing among the top MMO games in the world. Since the day it first has been introduced, millions of people were talking about it. Not only that, it was awarded in Pax East 2013 to be the most anticipated game from, the must-known website for all MMO gamers.

Still we cannot predict whether Neverwinter will be a king of online games next to the World of Warcraft or not. One thing we know at the moment, this game is amazing.

neverwinter awards

World of Warcraft Monks Overpowered for Pandarian Release

Discover more about the Monk class from this Monk Compendium offered as an unofficial guide for the new Mists of Pandaria playable class.

Much like the Death Knight class saw itself being incredibly powerful when Wrath of the Lich King first released, WoW Monks are looking to have too much going for them when September 25th rolls around.
3 wow monk specs

The WoW Monk overview of all 3 specs show that brewmasters are far and above the strongest tank. We see spike damage being the primary mechanic through the active mitigation system set in place for tanks. Brewmasters excel at this as their stagger mastery makes damage smooth out very evenly, coupled with their choice of diffuse magic (90% reduce magic damage cooldown) or dampen harm (the next 3 swings over 10% of your health are reduced by 50%) Monk tanks will be taking burst damage very well.

Mistweavers are excelling according to the WoW MoP tips put out by Blizzard, WoW Monks will be doing a good portion of their healing from dealing damage in melee. This damage component mixed in with their already substantial heals will give Monks a huge advantage over the other healers (Discipline Priests give up much more healing when they deal damage, leaving them behind the mistweavers). The added 5-10% damage being contributed from mistweavers will make many enrage timer and add based boss mechanics much easier to handle compared to using thehe other healer choices.

Conversely the same principle of why mistweavers are so powerful in raids also applies to windwalkers. The wow monk overview is basically that most Monk abilities are both damage and healing. The amount of healing being output with little to no sacrifice to the windwalker’s DPS can make many 10 man 3 heal encounters accomplishable with only 2 healers. The extra DPS or tank slot in a raid will make or break many 10 man encounters, with slightly less but still a significant effect on 25 mans.

Monk’s hero, Chen, now appears in the upcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena developed by Blizzard, the Heroes of the Storm as seen in

With the hybrid tax being gone from World of Warcraft and the significance of “free” heals and damage coming from them, the newest hybrid will outshine everyone else throughout the Mists of Pandaria.

For more details on the topic the KillerGuides game guide publisher offers an in-depth reference for Monks.

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MMO Bloggers Take to Weebly

Just like MMORPGs change, so do the ways people write about them. 5 years ago everyone was on blogspot. Then came the tumblr wave (a mashup of twitter and blogs). 2013 seems to be the year of weebly.

In the last few weeks I’ve come across several new ‘blogs’ that all make use of this new service. I think one of the major drivers is that the setup is more reminiscent of traditional ‘content’ sites that cover things such as classes, races and skills. Not as suitable for news coverages, but a great format if you’re looking to provide a comprehensive overview of a game or parts of it.

To give you a few examples:

WoW Monks Talent Choices

Want to learn more about Monks than is publicly shared in most blogs and community sites? We recommend to check out this Monk manual.

The new talent system introduced with Mists of Pandaria brings with it 7 tiers of talents that add or enhance tools for each class. WoW Monks will be using one of the most varied talent sets of any class and it will make their play-style more interesting.

This article below will explain the wow monks talents as they’re appearing in very late beta.

Pandaria Monk Talent Tree

Tier 1 talents are the mobility talents. Your 3 choices are celerity, tiger’s lust and momentum. Celerity will be the clear choice for mistweavers as it gives them a free heal when coupled with chi torpedo. Brewmasters and windwalkers will choose whichever talent they fancy, as all 3 are roughly equal but situational for them.

Tier 2 talents are the chi spenders. All 3 of these abilities deal damage and heal on their uses. Chi burst is the 25 man raid choice, as it heals and damages in an area. Chi wave will be the choice for 10 mans, as it heals 4 allies and damages 4 enemies, making it ideal for low group setup. Zen sphere will be the ideal tank healing build.

Tier 3 Brings us our chi builders. Power strikes generating 2 chi from jab every 20 seconds will be the ideal choice here if you will be in melee most the encounter. Chi brew can be useful for burst phases or a quick tank cooldown. Ascension is rather sub-par as you should not find yourself chi capped often.

Tier 4 crowd control talents can really shine on add encounters. Charging ox wave will be the best choice for mistweavers as they won’t need to be in melee range to make use of the stun. For brewmasters and wind walkers, leg sweep will be the best choice as the stun will last longer and require less repositioning.

Tier 5 survival tree, brewmasters will need to decide this one most carefully, as the WoW MoP guide shows in heavy magic fight all monks will want karma as it reduces magic damage by 90% for 6 seconds, which is incredibly powerful. In fights with huge physical spikes brewmasters will want dampen harm. For consistent fights and no significant bursts, healing elixirs will take over.

Tier 6 damage talents will be clear cut for all WoW MoP Monks class. Brewmasters will want to use rushing jade wind on the pull since the crane kick that’s powered up with the wind will be a solid threat opener. Windwalkers will want invoke Xuen the white tiger as the close companion will be a significant damage cooldown for both single and aoe targets. Mistweavers will take advantage of chi torpedo and celerity to use rolls often as completely resource free heals.

WoW Monk strategies and walkthroughs could also be found over at

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Blizzard Creates WoW Pandaria Buzz With New Trailer

There is much more to the Monk class than meets the eyes. In order to play the class successfully, calls for a multitude of combined strategies and solid know-how in terms of talent builds, battle tactics, skill rotations and much more. Find out how to mold a killing machine of a Monk here.

It’s not uncommon for game companies to provide trailers before the release of video games, but the newest opening trailer for Mists of Pandaria blows everyone else out of the water. The trailer does an excellent job of examining the Pandarian people and provides a great understanding of who they are and how they act.

Like all good action movies, this cinematic treat for the eyes begins with a battle. Two ships on the high seas fire cannons back and forth until both ships find their way into the briny deep. The sole survivors wash up on a nearby island and start fighting as soon as they realize the other exists.

Using handmade and improvised weapons, the human and orc fight like savages until they are mysteriously separated by a creature that is lightning fast. From a mist of twirling smoke, a rotund Panda emerges looking exactly like Po from Kung-Fu Panda. This is most likely not a coincidence.

Despite its size, the massive Panda is super fast and defeats the two warriors with ease, even going so far as to make jokes throughout the battle. The trailer is really our first glimpse at the Panda race in action and they fit the monk mold perfectly.

The are a disciplines people that fight for their homes and not for glory and gold. They are experts in martial parts and prefer wooden staffs and their fists to bulky swords and hammers. If Blizzard, makes Pandas as kick butt in the game as they do in the trailer, these race could gain favor among players very quickly.

I for one can’t wait until the expansion comes out and this trailer has done nothing, but increase my craving 10-folds. Foes of Pandaria monk beware because these fuzzy bears aren’t going to take invasion lying down.

There you go, a quick read for Monks. If you want to get your hands on actual gameplay tactics that have been proven to work, then we recommend to check this out.

The WoW Monk Windwalker Builds

As you may know, the monk, the new class going to be added in the next expansion of the world of warcraft, has 3 specs which are windwalker, brewmaster, and mistweaver or dps, tanker, and healer respectively. Most of gamer who have a chance to look into a beta of the Mist of Pandaria said that windwalker becomes one of the best damage dealer of all class in the world of warcraft. This below video is a wow monk windwalker guide to builds. It will show how to create the dps builds for this spec and maximize its capabilities.

Mists of Pandaria Guide to Mogu’shan Vaults

Mogu'Shan Palace

Having a solid understanding of the Monk class from the very first day you venture into Azeroth once again with the Mists of Pandaria expansion, is the key to winning fights, raids, dungeon bosses and fast leveling up. Learn from the Monk experts and never again be on the loosing side of figh

Monks across the World of Warcraft universe are eagerly awaiting the new Mists of Pandaria expansion pack, but Blizzard is giving away a sneak peek before the expected September release date. Sadly, these are not playable levels, but they are enough to whet your appetite.

Lets first take a look at the Pandarian customization page. Yes, folks, you now have the opportunity to experiment with customization of your Panda monk with new skin colors, hair styles, facial expressions, facial hair or earrings for your female players.

Players can choose from a wide variety of hues including spots. (What, they’re giant pandas.) If that isn’t enough, they have also let loose with a barrage of content for the Mogu’shan Vaults area including screenshots, a map and enemies. Monks can get a leg up on the competition by using this info to help plan their raids once the expansion pack is released. This is defiantly a a welcome and awesome addition to our Mists of Pandaria info.

Lets take a look at this new zone. The Stone Guard are imposing figures reminiscent of Chinese dog artistry also known as the Fu Dog. They are the first line of defense upon entering the vaults. Be careful of attacking these guards in groups as each guardian gains energy within close proximity to other guardians and casts Solid Stone.

When a guardian reaches max energy, it overloads and inflicts some nasty shadow damage and watch out for petrification.

Feng the Accursed just sounds like a bad mofo. At one time, he was the vaults caretaker for this new pandaria leveling zone, but after being caught stealing – some say was framed – was punished by a horrible curse and made into a shade. He shoots deadly spirit bolts as well as larger attacks when his life drains to specific points including Spirit of the Fist, Spirit of the Spear and Spirit of the Staff.

The Mists of Pandaria Monk offers a whole lot more customization via builds, talents and skill-sets than was available during the release of the unlockable Death Knight class. As such, the gameplay Walkthroughs here, would come in very handy for serious World of War

WoW Monks Guide

new monk class

Want to have a level 90 Monk fast? Then you’re going to need to know more about the class than is publicly made available to start out strong. This WoW Monk reference book comes recommended by many fellow WoW fans and is probably a way to go about molding a killer Monk.

Fan of the acclaimed MMORPG title: World of Warcraft hang on tight! Here comes the Monks! With the forthcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion comes the all new Monk class. Who are the Monks and what their role is in the lore? First off, mists of pandaria guide said that monk enjoys spiritual abilities, referred to as ‘chi’ (so the Chinese says) to fight and engage in combat as oppose to the use of sharp and dangerous weapons.

One notable highlight of the new Monk class is the fact that it is a hybrid class. Masters of weaponless combat, Monks rarely draws weapons but is highly capable of dealing huge damage on enemies whether it’s via martial arts of the ability to absorb large amounts of damages dealt unto them. Consequently, these Pandaren Monks are also healers. Adept with the art of ancient remedies, any group is blessed to have a Monk around.

Blizzard has developed a new class for fans that is a highly versatile, independent and capable in all aspects whether it’s dealing damage, healing or standing on defense. Like fellow agility based comrades, the Monks’ armor set goes as far as cloth or leather armor. Shields is out of the question. Long time WoW fans can easily distinguish from armor availability that, refer to tips for monks panda, this class is a bridge class between agility and intellect. When it comes to weaponary, expect little to none. Weapons are used only for finishing moves.

More class builds, skill rotations and insights on Monk talents and glyphs are shared here.

Basic Abilities for a WoW MoP Monk

Discover more advanced gameplay tactics, Monk build recommendations and battle strategies from this class-specific Monk manual.

The Pandaren are not your typical pandas with extraordinary kung-fu moves. These pandas mean business once they got the hang of the new class, wow monks. This bone crunching class is more than delivering a fist—paw to your face. The monk class uses moves which is an art form. Harnessing their power and inner strengths from something called “chi” the monk class and deliver devastating attacks equally to an equipped weapon.

Monks are masters of fist to face combat (or feet to face) and with a plethora of abilities at your disposal, you can turn your ordinary panda into a fierce panda. These these abilities to heart:

wow monk using flying serpent kick

Flying Serpent Kick: Leap with an outstretched leg before landing on the ground causing your enemies to slow down. This move covers about 40 yards. Highly recommended when surrounded.

  • Fist of Fury: Stuns multiple enemies with your flying fists.
  • Paralysis: Forces the enemy to be locked into place for 30 seconds. Though note that once you make contact with them, the skill ends.

And these were some of the basic abilities you start off with. As you level up, you obviously can unlock more abilities and customize them in your pandaria monk build

pandaren  artwork

Speaking of talent builds, Pandaren have in fact 3 builds which you can specialize in, according to your playstyle. The basics are:

  • Brewmaster Build: Tanking
  • Mistweaver: Healing
  • Windwalker: Melee DPS

Depending on your playstyle, it’s up to you how you want to build your character. It’s recommended to follow the wow monk guide to determine which build is right for you. More talent build info coming soon with a long list of Pandaren monk abilities!

Stay tuned!

Continue reading about the WoW Monk class in detail.